Integrative Sports Nutrition

Nutrition is an integral piece of an athlete's training plan, and goes beyond calories & macros when considering both performance & recovery.

While fueling our training with proper energy intake and meal timing is an essential part of sports nutrition, the effects of food on our performance and recovery is so much more. What and when we eat also affect our body systematically, affecting the gut, brain, and even our mitochondria.

My Integrative Sports Nutrition coaching looks at an athlete as a whole, her goals, and also the obstacles that are keeping her from those goals. Our lives extend beyond our training, and can effect 

 which may manifest in problems of; weight management, hormonal imbalances, chronic gastrointestinal issues, musculoskeletal problems, immune dysfunction (including autoimmunity, post-viral fatigue, and long-Covid), fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome, all of which are rapidly increasing in incidence due to the lives we live today. Additionally, with our strong sporting backgrounds, we offer core support to sports people, both elite and recreational. In this regard, we offer the following areas of specialisation:  - Health optimisation - MOTs for the active individual - Support to injury recovery and reducing risk of recurrent injury - Overtraining and adrenal compromise - Concussion and traumatic brain injury - Performance optimisation, including support of training and competition preparations - ‘Life-load’ management for the recreational, sub-elite and elite athlete

Beyond the Macros

I work with a diverse group of female athletes, from the everyday athlete, to rising youth stars, to emerging Master athletes, and beyond. In each group I'm seeing an increase of complex health issues and systematic imbalances that are affecting their performance and ability to recover. These imbalances often show up as issues with weight management, hormonal imbalances,  gastrointestinal issues, musculoskeletal pain & injury, immune dysfunction, chronic pain and fatigue, brain fog, and recurring injuries. 

My nutrition programs address these imbalances by focusing on

  • Performance optimization
  • Injury recovery and prevention support
  • Gut health & optimization
  • Overtraining, burnout, and adrenal compromise 
  • Concussion and traumatic brain injury 
  • ‘Life-load’ management for the recreational, youth and elite athlete

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